I still believe that the best way to succeed in the stock market requires only four ingredients: Planning, Prudence, Patience and Presence.

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2024-05-17 I give, you give, they all give… I was very moved by the short video that was shared as part of Berkshire Hathaway’s annual... 2024-05-10 Three Categories of Companies: Exceptional, Enviable or Terrible We all tend to create categories. Here is what I wrote about it in my book, Avantage Bourse. 2024-05-03 How Patient Should You Be With a Losing Stock? (Continued) I received a few emails from readers following the publication of my blog last week . Thanks! 2024-04-26 How Patient Should You Be With a Losing Stock? We all have stocks in our portfolio that are lagging. 2024-04-19 The Government Is Changing the Rules I will not make an editorial comment on the Canadian federal government’s budget, which was... 2024-04-12 Blog Miniseries: 35 Years of Existence (#4) This is the fourth and final blog in this series covering the 35 years of existence of... 2024-04-05 What it Can Cost to be Absent From the Stock Markets I wrote a blog entitled  Un exemple concret de la futilité du market timing  in February 2019... 2024-03-28 A Stupid and Costly Mistake Stock market investors make two types of errors: errors of commission and errors of omission. 2024-03-22 This Is Not the End of the World Pessimism and fatalism do not make good long-term stock market investors. I have always... 2024-03-15 The Qualities of a Good Annual Letter From the CEO to Shareholders Let’s face it, the majority of annual letters to shareholders of publicly traded companies are... 2024-03-08 The Magnitude of Rectitude If you’re like me, you want to be right every time when you invest in stocks. Your biggest... 2024-03-01 The Values That Emerge From Berkshire Hathaway’s Recent Annual Report Every year, I impatiently await Warren Buffett’s letter, which is published in the annual... 2024-02-23 A Tangible Project Used to Develop “Long-term” Thinking With technology, we are increasingly accustomed to getting what we want immediately, whether... 2024-02-16 To Me, the Stock Market is More Attractive Than Real Estate I recently had an interesting discussion with a friend about the possibility of investing in... 2024-02-09 Profits Are Worth More Than Promises I forget where I read this phrase, but it caught my attention. In my opinion, it sums up our... 2024-02-02 Breaking Down the Numbers In his book Factfulness, author Hans Roslin writes that a number, by itself, has no real... 2024-01-26 Weighting Is Much Better In my book Avantage Bourse, I wrote a brief aside considering the verb to weight, which alone... 2024-01-19 If Youth Knew, If Old Age Could I have the chance to take care of the investments of several young investors, children, or... 2024-01-12 Blog Miniseries: 35 Years of Existence (#3) In this third blog in the series covering 35 years of COTE 100 and the main lessons we have... 2024-01-05 Happy (stock market) shopping! I never liked shopping. However, if I have to shop around to buy one or two items, I might as... 2023-12-15 Some Reading for the Holidays “In my whole life, I have known no wise people (over a broad subject matter area) who didn’t... 2023-12-08 Save Like a Pessimist, Invest Like an Optimist I made reference in one of my latest blogs  to the most recent book by Morgan Housel, Same as... 2023-12-01 A Mentor Dies Who says you have to meet someone for him to be a mentor? 2023-11-24 Blog Miniseries: 35 Years of Service! (part 2) A few weeks ago, I published the first in a series of blogs highlighting 35 years of COTE 100. 2023-11-17 Why Does Everything Seem Darker and Darker? I’m reading Morgan Housel’s newest book, “Same as Ever.” I really liked this author’s first... 2023-11-10 Not All the Qualities of a Good Entrepreneur Are Transferable to the Stock Market I wrote a blog on this subject in 2017 entitled “Does a good entrepreneur make a good... 2023-11-03 Real Estate Prices Can’t Go Down! I went to a fundraising dinner last Friday. On this occasion, I had the chance to speak to... 2023-10-27 Blog Miniseries: 35 Years of Service! COTE 100 is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, my father Guy having founded the... 2023-10-20 Yes, Stock Markets Can Fall (encore) I’m taking this opportunity to replay this blog that I published (in French only) on August... 2023-10-13 A Tree Is a Long-term Investment A few days ago, I had the chance to visit the family forest, a passion of my father’s, with a... 2023-10-06 Black, White, or Green? I recently received this question by email (C.R.): “Being very concerned about the environment... 2023-09-29 How Far Should We Let Our Winning Stocks Run? I received this question via email from a reader (L.S.) over the last few weeks. I reiterate... 2023-09-22 The Most Heartbreaking Decision I’ve previously written about the importance of staying fully invested in all circumstances. 2023-09-18 The Worst Company in Which to Invest In investing, we are all looking for that rare gem, that company that will enrich us for the... 2023-09-11 Do Not Underestimate the Attraction of Profits Capitalism undoubtedly causes many excesses and injustices, but it has the advantage of... 2023-09-05 Autobiography of a Great 20th Century Industrialist I have just finished reading the autobiography of Jean Paul Getty, known as J. Paul Getty... 2023-08-25 Convergence and Divergence By Jean-Philippe Legault, guest contributor. To succeed in the stock market, an investor must... 2023-08-18 Quality Leaders By Jean-Philippe Legault, guest contributor. If you are used to reading our texts, you will... 2023-08-11 Copying Others By Jean-Philippe Legault, guest contributor. Like many children, my twins have this nasty... 2023-08-04 Seek and You Will Find By Jean-Philippe Legault, guest contributor. A few weeks ago, I came across an article where... 2023-07-28 Avoid Mistakes By Jean-Philippe Legault, guest contributor. In a recent blog,Philippe Le Blanc explained that... 2023-07-21 The Innovator’s Dilemma By Jean-Philippe Legault, guest contributor. In my  blog last week, I explained that it is... 2023-07-14 I love companies that fail! By Jean-Philippe Legault, guest contributor. That’s right! I like companies that fail. 2023-07-07 Sell for the Right Reasons By Jean-Philippe Legault, guest contributor. In your opinion, is it easier to buy or sell a... 2023-06-30 Novels to Read This Summer Less well known than Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger has nonetheless been a key factor in... 2023-06-23 Random Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence After this blog, I will only have one left to write before taking a summer break until school... 2023-06-16 Would it have been better to do nothing? This blog follows on from last week’s where I went back in time to December 31, 2012, to see... 2023-06-09 Do nothing for 10 years? Following my recent blog “25 Stocks for the Next 25 Years”, I received an interesting question... 2023-06-02 The Weight of Words In my opinion, certain words should be erased from the investor’s vocabulary.  .   2023-05-26 Rapid-fire Tips from Messrs. Buffett and Munger I had the pleasure of attending the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting a few weeks ago with...