Our investment process

We are so confident in our process that we have made it our name.

At COTE 100, we propose three-step approach  that was perfected over the past thirty years and that allows for sustained long-term growth while reducing portfolio risk.

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Quantitative analysis

An analysis of the investment universe using 17 financial ratios, grouped under three pillars.

<p>Quantitative analysis</p>

Our investment process is based on an exclusive quantitative filter that we’ve perfected over the years: the COTE 100 System. This system allows us to reduce the entire world of investments to a limited number of securities that meet our criteria according to a weighted score - their rating on 100. Once a security has been qualified using the system, we move on to the next step, which is to analyze it on a qualitative basis.

Qualitative analysis

A checklist of some 90 questions.

<p>Qualitative analysis</p>

We then do a qualitative analysis of each security selected, which allows us to assess each company’s management team, governance, and corporate social responsibility. We’ve been perfecting this qualitative analysis for 30 years: by analyzing each of our investments with the benefit of hindsight, we are able to extract the success or risk factors that will allow us to better analyze our future investments.

Portfolio construction and management

Beta control: an approach aimed at long-term growth and portfolio protection.

<p>Portfolio construction and management</p>

In the investment world, the beta is used to measure the volatility, or risk, of an investment, relative to other benchmark assets. In the industry, managing this factor is often overlooked: attention is paid to short-term returns, while the management of risk is ignored. At COTE 100, our approach is instead to seek sustained long-term growth, while minimizing the beta of our portfolios.

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