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COTE 100+ is a multiplatform service that offers you privileged access to strategic information to aid in understanding the management of your portfolio.

Once a week, you’ll receive an email informing you of new analyzes that we’ve made available:

  • Philippe Le Blanc's blog;
  • The monthly bulletin from our managers;
  • Follow-up of portfolio securities; 
  • In-depth analysis of securities that make the news.


  • Study the progress of the famous COTE 100 model portfolio;
  • Obtain a portfolio analysis at no additional cost and without commitment;
  • And more.
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Weekly blog

Philippe Le Blanc’s blog.

Monthly bulletin

Written by the COTE 100 investment team, the monthly bulletin presents a unique look at financial news and investing. From the latest stock market trends to the flavour of the day, the monthly bulletin allows the investor to dive into the mindset that guides the investment decisions of the COTE 100 team.

Model portfolio

We share with COTE 100+ subscribers some characteristics of the portfolio as well as a partial list of securities.

Free portfolio analysis

Get a second, no-cost, no-commitment opinion on your current investment portfolio.

Event calendar

Stay tuned for COTE 100 events.

Spotlight on…

The COTE 100 investment team offers you monthly analysis and purchase recommendations on securities that we consider interesting (between 4 and 6 recommendations for Gold subscribers and between 8 and 12 recommendations for Platinum subscribers).

Security tracking (basic selection)

The COTE 100 investment team tracks a basic selection of 10 of the securities held in our portfolio.

Security tracking (extended selection)

The COTE 100 investment team tracks an extended selection of 15 of the securities held in our portfolio.

Security tracking (complete selection)

The COTE 100 investment team tracks a complete selection of securities in our portfolio.

COTE 100 on demand

We give you the opportunity to choose the security that will be thoroughly analyzed by our investment team and that will be available in our COTE 100 reports.

Investor profile test

The “Investor Profile” test allows us to evaluate your investment objectives and measure your risk tolerance in order to determine the types of investments that may be suitable for you.

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Personalized management report

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